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                                              Steel price rises or rebound continued material difficult or see June
                                                Steel price rises or rebound continued material difficult or see June
                                                After continuous unilateral, domestic steel price shocks in general finally entering the steel structural parts, the price is showing a certain degree of rebound. On May 24, 2007, in Shanghai steel market in tangsteel CQ235 * * 1500 275 mm model with a trading hot-rolled coil, compared to $30 per cent rise 4380 tons, wire rod, the price would continue to maintain rebar stability. However, Beijing architectural steel prices but there was little amplitude of the week before and rising trend
                                                Fall is the rebound
                                                The personage inside course of study says, the price of steel parts of recent rebound is expected, because now steel producer price and the market price has appeared down.
                                                Data shows that the mainstream stock market quotation with hot coil mainstream steel producer price is $500 per ton of more serious hangs, namely, the partial products fall has become a fact, in the fall of cases, there will be a certain degree of rebound.
                                                Relevant analysts think for one month, deep fall has touched many steel line, and the cost of FuKui traders, so let the market power of stabilises. At the same time, the part of the demand of demonic copying directly to rebound steel price stabilises.
                                                "The recent price rise of steel parts of China is the steel consumption demand of rigid. Yesterday, Lange steel nets analysts lee told the reporter, Chinas export situation of steel good situation and downstream industry has lost all the steel demand shoring up the price of steel hit bottom recent rebound.
                                                It should be pointed out that, our main thread futures contract in touch 4138 yuan, and after the low rebounded on Friday at $4228 recent relatively high. Obviously, the financial taste more domestic stock price of steel is another good. "The futures market and cash market interaction is inevitable. Lee said, "before, compared to the future investors steel futures investment may more positive effect, it will be some Chinese stock market trends, steel factors."
                                                But now, raw materials for domestic steel price support has weakened further. Statistics show that Chinas imported iron ore market price, clinch a deal the downturn, fallen to 90 yuan per ton. At the same time, the pressure loss, most steel enterprises for purchasing raw material price to suppress conservative incoming principle, it also causes the current price shocks of coke. From the present situation, the whole industry still has some coke price drop space.
                                                Or look up or fall in June
                                                Notable is, XiBen steel has analysis report, "market rebound requirement, but the fundamental stage, reverse short-term shocks will still XiBen steel index is expected to repeatedly. Next week in 3850 point - 3,950 point interval."
                                                "These two weeks in domestic steel price shocks. But in the short term rally, domestic steel price may have further to fall." HuYanPing analysts jointly metal net of international financial yesterday as news reporter said, "from on macroscopic international financial capital market, unrest in the global market, and the mentality influences directly affect the commodities and domestic steel price movements. At the same time, China will face in the second quarter of this year highs investment growth, inflation pressures increase from social challenges. Total inventory, although the reduced, but is not very fast digestion, still in high level."
                                                But lee thinks, now domestic steel price has gone to the halfway point of the trend of M type, steel price may be in late may, at the end of June the bottom of the form, and temporarily uplink channel again after on. "The main reason lies in the second quarter, and demand of consumption demand is steel."
                                                In the short term, steel and certain spot prices fall, whole space by the current price movements will slow down, tumbled into consideration and once fell to the steel production cost, can appear cost price of steel supporting effect. Steel price movements in "June stabilises, once three mines, steel stock price dropped the space is not large." In addition, the Chinese steel industry association, the market report "with the rapid development of national economy, the continuous steel demand will continue to maintain steady growth. But by steel capacity release rapidly increased capital, national strength, to prevent inflation cage, the influence of some subjective factors such as steel prices will remain in the market." in small-scope fluctuation
                                                Real estate is limited impact
                                                Interestingly, the domestic steel price drop exactly and real estate "periodic" policy promulgated new article kingdom of time. In fact, the real estate industry for domestic steel price of self-evident. Take this time last year, in the real estate market and recovered quickly start this important factors, domestic steel price rises to continuous at last August. At the same time, many institutions and some analysts also will be the real estate market and domestic steel price of dynamic trend closel
                                              Address: East of Xinzhai, Qian'An, Hebei province,China