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                                              Economy: return to normal track china-us economic and trade relations
                                                25th afternoon, eye-catching second china-us strategic economic dialogue with the list of achievements in Beijing released. Strategic dialogue signed cooperation agreements made eight, 26, a specific economic dialogue is an important content of the five aspects.
                                                The two-day talks, Clinton secretary, finance and Turner, vice premier wang qishan, DaiBingGuo state councilor jointly hosted the second round with strategic economic dialogue, around a series of strategic and long-term problems and frank exchange of views and deeply gives satisfactory results. In sino-us involving energy, environment, science and technology, customs, health and law enforcement and so on themultitudinous domain specific results, a 26 involving energy, signed trade, finance, energy utilization etc cooperation agreement, fully embodies the communication and cooperation of depth and breadth.
                                                Efforts include five aspects of economic dialogue is an important content:
                                                Both sides promise to further accelerate the transformation of the mode of economic development, the adjustment of economic structure. The us commitment will promote the establishment of a more balanced and sustainable economic development mode, improve savings.   China will continue to increase economic development of domestic consumption of contribution, strengthen the construction of social security system,
                                                Both sides promise is committed to building a more open, global trade and investment system, against trade and investment protectionism. The United States will in trade relief, and give serious consideration "market-oriented industry of Chinas enterprises apply" fair, reasonable treatment, and through the joint commission on commerce and trade, with a cooperative way quickly recognize Chinas market economy status. According to Chinese to operating in China, including the enterprise of national treatment to foreign enterprises,
                                                Both sides agree to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the field of finance, give full play to support economic entity of financial institutions. The United States welcomes foreign capital investment in the financial industry, the commitment to domestic Banks, securities and fund management companies with other countries for the same standard of prudent supervision,Both sides agree to strengthen the international financial system reform. Both parties agree that joint efforts, Toronto, Seoul summit positive results,
                                                The two sides encourage bilateral economic department through dialogue mechanism deepen bilateral economic exchanges and cooperation. Through further discussion on China science and technology innovation, etc.
                                                Past times before the chinese-american dialogue, various arguments synthetic-aperture always. But this dialogue, China did not become protagonist quarrel. Chinese leaders said china-us economic complementarity, decide the height between the two countries is not a zero-sum game rivals, but the mutually beneficial and win-win partners, U.S. representative also use "run" thin "to describe the relationship between the dialogue.
                                                On 25 when accepting a reporter to interview, foreign minister Yang jiechi says China, both sides has positive comments since last year that the development of china-us relations, in the current international political and economic situation, the strategic significance of sino-us relations and global influence rise further. Whether in promoting world economic comprehensive recovery and sustainable growth in processing area, or hot, with a global challenge and safeguarding world peace and security, the two countries face common topic and shoulder common responsibility, both sides said, will earnestly implement the important leaders agreed to strengthen fields, exchange and cooperation, and properly handle the differences and sensitive problem, the construction of the 21st century positive efforts of sino-us relations and cooperation, and take some action to establish common challenges of steady partnership.
                                                DaiBingGuo had also said: "although both sides failed in every major issues, but agreed to further develop dialogue and cooperation in the 21st century positive partnership."
                                                Attention has been since the RMB exchange rate in China, cover Turner leaders recognize that the importance of the reform of RMB exchange rate mechanism and made clear, welcomed by China, the exchange rate of RMB should be independent decision.
                                                With the economic situation, also said that the United States is good to cut the deficit level to affordable level. U.S. President Obama has made a detailed and comprehensive plan, plan in the next few years by fiscal deficits will share of GDP cut by more than half.
                                                On 24, Reuters reported, "the wor
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