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                                              South African mineral processing new strategy: to increase employment promoting new-type economy
                                                South African mineral processing new strategic approved and began to implement
                                                Time: 2010 released on May 26 source: China non-ferrous nets -- nonferrous metal authoritative media platform in South Africa for mineral processing new strategy will soon get government approval and began to implement. Chinas nonferrous nets. This strategy is to increase the core employment, promote economic and promote the building of a knowledge-based economy. Chinas nonferrous nets.
                                                Mining is South Africa economic pillar industries. Chinas nonferrous nets. Currently has a mining minerals as much as 56 species, including nine kinds of minerals in the top five proven reserves. Chinas nonferrous nets. South Africa accounted for export commodities exports more than half of all. Chinas nonferrous nets. But for a long time, exports are largely unprocessed raw ore. Chinas nonferrous nets.
                                                Therefore, the mineral processing new strategy proposed by South Africa is rich in mineral resources, establish the orderly development of industry chain, the original mineral processing into higher-value semi-finished goods, to pull or export Africa mining sustainable long-term development. Chinas nonferrous nets. At the same time, the input 2.8 billion rand ($38 million dollars) to develop vocational education and improve their skills. Chinas nonferrous nets. Established by the government, enterprises and the trade unions, the special group discussion increase mineral industry competitiveness in South Africa and industrial upgrade the concrete implementation plan.
                                              Address: East of Xinzhai, Qian'An, Hebei province,China